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"Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people." – Helen Keller

Hearing Aid Fitting

This appointment is usually an hour in length.  We suggest you bring a family member or close friend to ensure you can hear important voices and to help you remember all of the new information about your hearing aids.  The hearing aids are dispensed, making sure they fit well and are programmed for your hearing loss.  Specific features will be adjusted according to your hearing needs and how you want the hearing aids to work.  Some users choose to have options that they can adjust while others prefer fully automatic devices.  The audiologist will explain how to use the instruments, insert and remove the hearing aids, how to care for and clean the devices and how to change the batteries.

When using hearing aids for the first time you may experience a significant difference in sound quality and loudness.  This is normal.  The main goal when using hearing aids is to hear sounds, especially speech, clearly and comfortably.  You will be hearing your own voice as well as every day sounds differently. During your evaluation period, it is important that you wear your hearing aids as much as possible to allow your brain time to adjust to hearing differently with your hearing aids. Although your hearing aids will not restore your hearing and listening capabilities to the way they were before you developed a hearing loss, they will make every day sounds audible and improve your ability to communicate with others.