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"Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people." – Helen Keller

Billing and Insurance

Billing Policy

Hearing Health Associates, P.C. accepts many insurance plans. We understand the need to work with patients regarding financial arrangements for the services we provide. However, it is your responsibility to make sure we are in your plan’s network and to know what your insurance policy considers covered services. If your insurance policy does not cover our services, payment will be your responsibility.


Hearing Health Associates, P.C. is a participating provider for Medicare. Medicare does not reimburse for audiological services without a physician referral. Please discuss your hearing problems with your primary care physician and obtain a referral prior to your appointment. Medicare will only pay for audiological testing if it is necessary for the diagnosis of hearing loss or if there has been a change in hearing.  Your physician may fax the referral to our office at (765) 651-4267. Hearing aids and hearing aid related services are NOT covered by Medicare, even with a referral.

Commercial Insurance

Hearing Health Associates, P.C. accepts many commercial insurance plans for audiological services. We will bill your insurance for all testing procedures. If it is confirmed that you have commercial insurance coverage for hearing aids, Hearing Health Associates, P.C. will submit the necessary paperwork for you once you have chosen to keep the hearing aids on a permanent basis. All estimated out of pocket expenses must be paid upon delivery of the hearing aids. Non-reimbursed hearing aid expenses by your insurance company will be your responsibility.


Hearing Health Associates, P.C. is a participating provider for several Medicaid programs. The services available to you are dependent upon the Medicaid plan you have.  The need for Prior Authorization before services rendered is also dependent upon your plan.  Generally, Medicaid allows one hearing test every three years without Prior Authorization; however, some plans require Prior Authorization for each test.  Hearing aids will not be purchased more frequently than every five years; however, medical necessity for a new hearing aid must be authorized by Medicaid.


In Indiana, the law states you must have a complete and valid audiological evaluation (within the past 6 months) to purchase hearing aids. A hearing screening is NOT a valid test.

In accordance with Medicare laws, we MUST bill ALL patients for the audiological assessment. As state licensed providers participating in Medicare, we are not allowed to give “free hearing tests.”

Payment Methods

Hearing Health Associates, P.C. accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards for services provided to you. Special financing is available upon approved credit.